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High T: Where Trends Meet Colors

13:00 - 19:00

1.00 PM – Welcome


2.00 PM – Tom Palmaerts

Creatives, entrepreneurs and vibrant youth are creating thrilling waves. Most of these thrills stay underground, at the edge of society, but some of them cause disruptions. Tom Palmaerts will give a sneak preview in Trendwolves’ next trend report on global youth thrills, with plausible future powers to change business and our society.


3.00 PM – Herman Konings

2017 will be the year of Post-Authenticity and Radical Transparency. The authenticity bubble is about to burst. It is a bubble that brands, creative agencies, marketers and strategists have been living in for the past five years. One in two Europeans believe that using the label ‘organic` is simply an excuse to charge more, despite the fact that ‘organic` is a certified label.  Not only words as ‘heritage`, ‘vintage`, ‘artisan`, ‘crafted` and ‘curated` need to be loused, the underlying values also have to be redrawn… 2016 will be the year the hipster stood still and we all moved along.


4.00 PM – Tea Break


4.30 PM – Hilde Francq

Hilde Francq will give an insight into lifestyle trends for 2017 and 2018. Her presentation is built around six places, each one a metaphor for a lifestyle. Between The Monastery – symbolic for our disciplined approach to physical and mental health – and The Streets – the place of rebellion – she will show you how our lifestyles evolve and what that means for color combinations, materials, textures, patterns and shapes in the next coming years. Expect to get loads of visual inspiration.


6.00 PM – Reception


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