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Executive Master in Digital Marketing & Communication: Info Session

18:00 - 19:30

Reach out to the highest level in digital marketing and communication.

In an ever-evolving world, it is an absolute necessity to know which digital strategy should be applied. Being aware of big data, e-commerce and social media is one thing. Using them efficiently in your daily business is another. This is what our Executive Master in Digital Marketing and Communication will teach you.

Join our webinar to learn all about the programme, a 19-day training course that proposes an in-depth development of your skills in the various areas of marketing and communication.

Presented by Cédric Cauderlier & Hugues Rey

Cédric Cauderlier is Senior Digital Strategist and Co-founder of Mountainview.

Hugues Rey is a Commercial Engineer from the Solvay Brussels School, where he teaches Marketing and Communication. He is currently the CEO of Havas Media Group Belux, and Chairman of the board of the BMMA, member of the Board of CIM and UMA, President of CIM Pluri-Media Study Committee. Hugues has 25 years of experience in media agency development through digital & data infusion.

By the end of this Executive Master, you will:

  • Master the fundamentals in marketing and be able to build a digital marketing strategy;
  • Make a difference with your S.A.V.E. strategy;
  • Be an expert in marketing data and know how to use data;
  • Implement the acquired skills immediately thanks to the practical exercises and group tasks;
  • You will also become a member of the Solvay Alumni Association and the BMMA.