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DPG Media Advertising – Webinar: Elevate your digital campaigns with attention measurement insights

11:00 - 12:00

Attention measurement is vital for the success of your digital campaigns. Join this webinar and gain a comprehensive understanding of attention across DPG Media Advertising’s digital offerings. Host: Bernd Strauven, Advertising Researcher at DPG Media Advertising.

We’re excited to share the latest findings from our eye-tracking experiment with Lumen, offering cutting-edge insights to enhance your strategy.

Additionally, we will provide an overview of various measurement approaches and share best practices, as measuring attention on a campaign basis is the next step.

Dentsu will also showcase how attention plays a pivotal role within their agency, delivering actionable knowledge for your organisation.


  • Modern media: how attention helps us to evolve from an opportunity-to-see to an opportunity-to-communication
    Reynder Bruyns & Bathilde Meulenbeld – Dentsu Benelux
  • Attention for seamless ads: an eye-tracking experiment with Lumen & round-up
    Bernd Strauven – Advertising Researcher DPG Media
  • Measuring attention on a campaign basis: an overview
    Oracle Advertising