Laden Evenementen

Data & Marketing Automation Summit

12:30 - 18:00

Data & Marketing Automation: The Best Of Both Worlds For Your Business

Innovations in technology are constantly shaping the marketing and data landscape. Marketers have access to various tools to target the right people at the right time through an array of channels. Marketing automation is, without any doubt, essential to your strategy and its benefits are:

  • To stay ahead with the recent marketing automation trends;
  • To automate marketing tasks and workflows;
  • To create an almost perfect customer experience;
  • To deliver personalized product recommendations and send timely purchase reminders;
  • To track and measure the success of your campaigns and save you a significant amount of time and effort.

On the other hand, data equals knowledge. The more data you have at your disposal, the better position you’ll be in to make good decisions and take advantage of new opportunities. The themes included on this topic are well-known: placing the customer first, making evidence-based decisions, automating and optimizing processes with algorithms, hyper personalization, the human side of data, hyper automation, machine learning experience, growth, blockchain, internet of things merged with data and the rise of regulation (GDPR).


  • Eva Somers – ING Belgium
  • Bellina Dams – Emakina
  • Tim Karpisek – Raak
  • Jonathan Wuurman – Actito
  • Alejandro Olave – Sodexo
  • Maarten de Neve – Emakina
  • Harold Stinglhamber – Universem
  • Eva Leysen – ING Belgium
  • Albert Derasse – D-AIM
  • Enzo Ricciulli – Mediascale Benelux
  • Tom Husson – Humain.AI
  • Jérémie Alhadef – Fnac / Vandenborre
  • Havard Stjernen – Wish
  • Alea Fairchild – The Constantia Institute