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Bepublic Masterclass Module 2: Getting your news into the media

09:00 - 12:30
bepublic masterclass

How important are timing, the right channels, and the form in which your news is offered?

Having news is one thing, but often it’s a lot harder to get it into the media in the right form and at the right moment in time. That’s why you should gear the form to the content, because its form will also determine whether your news gets the attention it deserves. Make sure to variegate your communication: go from conventional press releases to pointed interviews, poignant blogs, news videos, or a well-chosen social media post.

In this┬ámodule, you’ll learn the importance of timing, newsworthy stepping stones and the choice of the right communication channels to boost your story’s impact. And how best to build up a good relationship with the journalists. And finally, we’ll guide you through the entire preparation process of a PR campaign.